Where did it all start?

Just Jelly was founded in 2014 by myself (Ryan) from a recipe given to me by my grandmother (Elizabeth).

Growing up, I lived off her Mint Jelly! I had it with everything. So when she gave me the recipe I scraped together a few jars we had lying around and I was on it that night making a batch. Through the night I popped down to the kitchen to see how they were getting on, and by the morning they’d set! I was so happy!

That day I took a few jars to work with me and got a brilliant response. But I knew there was one person I had to impress…..my gran. I took her a jar over and after a few minutes tasting, smelling, inspecting… I got the approval (phew).

In the next few weeks I ordered jars, pans, spoons, ladles and got developing different flavours. I got in touch with authorities to help me with labels and registering my parents kitchen (thanks Mum and Dad) and got a friend to design me some labels.

The labels were ready and I’d finally perfected all the recipes and made them my own. It was time to sell.

My first market was at a market hall in a local town. I was so nervous. I even made some feedback forms and gave them to people with pre-paid envelopes to let me know what they thought! The response on the day was amazing, and I drove back to Whitby so happy. In the next few weeks I had feedback forms coming in the post, and the comments were fantastic.

Over the next few months which then turned into years, I’ve developed the range further with new flavours, new branding and have got the jellies stocked up and down the country. The next plan is to see the Just Jelly range been developed even further with new flavours etc, and to make it available to people all around the UK, and eventually the world.


Here’s to the future!